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Since the original Apple iPad arrived to the UK, subsequent tablet models have muscled into dominances in the local marketplace. In the future, tablets will continue to account for a large proportion of personal computer shipments in the country.

While latest Apple iPad models impress us consistently, new tablet models with Android OS are likely to continue to lead the way and Samsung’s new tablets will become the real driving force. With its broad range of tablet models, consumers in the UK could expect to see Samsung to become a key factor in the year-on-year growth of tablet market. However, with dozens of manufacturers offering tablets in the country – from retailers like Tesco and bigger player like Acer – Samsung’s and Apple’s shares are likely to start dipping.

Apple will remain an important tablet brand with its substantial share and strong market recognition. The company already has mature notebook ad desktop business; but it still needs to protect its gross margin from the declining PC market. For Apple, profit is a far more crucial priority than market share and its domination could be affected only slightly although Android manufacturers already make inroads in smartphones.

Despite significant interest on affordable models released by major retailers in the UK; rivalry between Samsung and Apple in the local tablet market would continue to be increasingly bitter and white hot. Cupertino’s relations with the rest of the competition may also become frostier.

While a significant force in the PC space, Microsoft may take only a fraction of tablet market share in years to come. Its acquisition of Nokia will eventually make the company a full-fledged vendor in the mobile market; but this won’t be enough to push Apple and Samsung aside. Yet, Microsoft still needs to address its software offerings; since having to use three different operating systems can be confusing for UK consumers and developers.

However, we could be certain that upcoming new Windows tablets will encourage app development and provide some additional boost to the rapidly expanding mobile ecosystem. The company already indicated that it will be streamlining their mobile software. Microsoft and Nokia are relative newcomers in ecosystem that already has mature momentum and critical mass. However, as has been proven by the Lumia 2520 tablet; Nokia upcoming Windows tablet could deliver exceptional option for users expecting a worthwhile alternative.

Many UK consumers already go beyond the common misconception that the more expensive tablet models will be the better. Undoubtedly, high quality products are usually more expensive; but by reading tablet reviews and tablet comparison consumers could eventually find the best model for their requirements. Often, new sub-£150 tablets are already more than up to the task for their daily needs. However, many people are still attracted to more popular brands; such as Apple, Amazon and Samsung.

Other than the cost factor, tablet buyers should make up their mind by choosing tablet models based on their hardware specifications. One good solution is to set a specific budget and have a shrewd idea of required hardware specs. This should allow consumers to narrow down their choices considerably.

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