Could Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Compete With iPad Air in Enterprise Market?

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 vs Apple iPad AiriPad Air consistently scores five stars in various reviews, but it may need to start relinquishing some of its praises to the newer Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Samsung’s new tablet has bigger display and a collection of productivity-focused apps. It also offers S Pen stylus and robust battery life. On the other hand, the Apple iPad Air is much cheaper, potentially more secure and more travel-friendly.

In many offices and homes, the Apple iPad family has become a very common sight. In fact, multiple companies prefer to choose iOS as their official mobile software platform. But with its upcoming NotePro devices, Samsung is seeking to establish a stronger position in the business market. But with Cupertino already shoving one foot in the door, we question whether the 12.2-inch giant is appealing enough to persuade business users to switch and ditch their old iPad tablets.

However, it is clear that the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has multiple selling points and one of them is that users can charge it standard microUSB cable. The fact that business users need to stick with their proprietary charging cable could become a hidden ongoing annoyance among them. The simple task of charging their iPad tablets could be time-consuming when consumers lose their cable during a travel trip.

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