Fifty Percent People in the UK May Already Own a Tablet

UK TabletsStatistics on Christmas sales may indicate that about half of consumers in the United Kingdom are probably using tablet, especially after a flood of affordable models. This year, nearly 13 million tablets have been purchased in the United Kingdom or a 50 percent increase compared to on 2012.

Meaning, by the end of January 2014, about 50 percent consumers in the UK will already have access or own a tablet; compared to 36 percent this summer. Apparently, tablets already become must-have products less than four years; after Apple released the original iPad in 2010. Many tablet sellers also reported strong demand during this holiday season.

Experts believe that the growth in the market is contributed by value devices; which are suitable as gifts for children, especially when parents are unwilling to spend on more expensive models. Both Argos and Tesco have launched their own products quite recently; but Amazon Kindle Fire is still the most popular model for sub-£120 devices.
This pattern could be repeated later next year; cheaper and smaller tablet models in circulation could overtake more expensive, larger ones.

So, it appears we would see tablets to gain even more popularity with impressive speed and device manufacturers would need to work harder to stand out.

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