It May Not Be Possible to Disable Magazine UX on NotePro and TabPro Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
We heard a rather unlikely rumor last week that Samsung has a plan to ditch the Magazine UX due to its agreements with Google. We still don’t know whether it’s true. Sources have told us that the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Tab Pro 10.1 and Tab Pro 8.4 will be using Magazine UX and they released on February 13. The Tab Pro 12.2 will arrive a bit later this month in March.

A spokeswoman from Samsung also said that owners of these tablet models will not have the ability to disable the Magazine UX. Although they can delete and reinstall it again, users should make sure that least a Magazine UX is present at all times.  Samsung also says that the Magazine UX could help the company to continue their momentum of bringing greater value to consumers and delivering impressive user experiences.

The Magazine UX itself is often described as a mixture of the Windows Phone Metro IO and Flipboard. It looks like a decent and positive addition to the stock Android platform. This is just a rumor at the moment; but the South Korean company could plan to bring the interface to its future smartphone models. The Magazine UX simply accompanies the classic homescreen and by default, user can set the Magazine UX.

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