More Tablets in the UK Will Include Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot TechnologyEver since the introduction of Apple Retina Display in the United Kingdom; display technology has been becoming better. Some tablet models have offered the Quad HD resolution; but unfortunately some of them are plagued by washed out and over saturated colors.

Standard LCD panels used in current tablets have yellow phosphorus in their white LEDs. While this is pretty handy for gaining a good range of colors, it is quite difficult to balance the display and get the correct amount of saturation.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has included the “Quantum Dot” technology, which uses blue LEDs. It could efficiently convert light to the correct colors and allow them to be appropriately saturated. It has a similarity with AMOLED display; but Quantum Dot can be calibrated and tuned with much better accuracy. This could bring us tablets with pristine and very accurate colors. When combined with IGZO panels, users could get reduced power consumption because electrons flow ten times more efficiently.

The Microsoft Surface 2 has also adopted the LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon), which also allows for longer battery life. Ultimately, these technologies would represent interesting changes in the UK tablet market. However, consumers shouldn’t expect tablets equipped with these advanced panels will be affordable right out of the gate.

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