Next iPad Models Will Use Series6XT PowerVR GPU

iPad ModelsThe Apple iPad tablets are known for their benchmark-busting performance; both for computing- and graphics-oriented tasks. Apparently, Apple will continue using PowerVR graphics solution from the Imagination Technologies for its future iPad models. The company announced recently that it has extended its multi-use and multi-year license agreement. This gives Apple a direct access to PowerVR graphics and Video IP implementations. Like any licensing agreement; Imagination gets on-going revenues and license fees on SoCs shipments.

Imagination’s graphics solution is one of the best in the industry and it would be interesting to see how the new PowerVR version would perform when paired with the rumored A8 64-bit chipset. This would allow future iPad to deliver flawless image editing and gaming; even with the use of higher screen resolution.

The current A7 64-bit SoC comes with Series6 PowerVR GPU, which delivers excellent graphocs capabilities for today’s standard. The hardware configuration is found on both the iPad Air and 2013 Edition of iPad Mini. The Series6XT is slated to be the next graphics solution for next iPad models.

The Series6XT PowerVR GPU will deliver improved performance while significantly cutting the overall power consumption. This should also translate to better battery life; which would contribute positively to user experience.

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