Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro Could Arrive in the UK Next Month

Samsung Galaxy Note ProAt recent CES event, Samsung has unveiled new, powerful Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro models. In fact, these models could arrive quite sooner, specifically during the first quarter. The US release will be on February 14, probably followed by a release in the UK shortly afterwards. In fact, Samsung employees in the United States won’t be allowed to take paid time off during the Valentine’s Day. This would mean that, the company is expecting a rather intense activity in its stores during the period.

Granted, it may not be information that we could really trust; but a major retailer in the Netherlands have already accepted preorders for both tablets, with the actual release date on February 11. Again, this indicates that UK consumers will receive the Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro sometime in next month.

In the Netherlands, the retailer asks €749 for the tablet, while the price in the US will be lower at $750. Prices depend on display size, connectivity options and internal storage. As an example, the Tab PRO 8.4 will be significantly more affordable at only $390. We shouldn’t bet on these prices just yet, because Samsung UK hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

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