Samsung May Release 13-inch Tablet This Year

Samsung Galaxy Note ProSamsung revealed that it will release more tablet models with larger displays during the conference call for financial performance of last quarter. A top executive from the company claims that the Samsung has established a new category in the tablet market with Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. He hinted that more devices will be coming down the road.

This year, Samsung may plan to do to its tablets business what it has been doing to its smartphones business – flood the market with many device models for a variety of budgets and requirements. In fact, 2014 could be the year when UK consumers will see a 13.3-inch tablet model from the company. It is widely reported that the iPad Pro will have 12.9-inch display and Samsung may not want Apple have the new tablet market all to itself.

Assuming that Samsung really wants to compete with Apple, we could only imagine that the company would want to offer better hardware specs than the smaller Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Considering the enlarged display size, there’s even a possibility that the tablet will have dual-boot Windows 8 and Android configuration. This also means that the tablet will come with a physical keyboard.

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